Astro crowfunding: the made in Italy of loans from below

Astro: characteristics, functioning and commissions

Eppela: characteristics, functioning and commissions

Within the category of ‘bottom up loans’, among the most popular crowdfunding platforms of the moment, there is Astro (managed by Anteprima srl), which has made quality and made in Italy, a real horse of battle, and also the backbone of its success. Today it is one of the top five platforms operating in Italy, and has chosen to bring its operating and choice principles also abroad, and in particular, in contrast with the main US-made platforms, it has decided to move the attention is also paid to American citizens.

What distinguishes your platform

What distinguishes your platform

Astro was organized by pertinent sections (linked to the various areas of interest), keeping very high attention on technological innovation, but without sacrificing the other components, with hints of a social nature, and not only. For the rest, the operation does not differ from what is proposed by other competing platforms (see also Financing online ), even if Astro is famous for a very strict evaluation and approval phase of the projects, as minimum quality requirements are required medium-high or highly original (such as with the wardrobe project). For this reason, users who choose to support a project generally feel very protected.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Those who have a project that they consider valid must submit it to Astro’s assessment team, which decides whether to publish it on the site or reject it. Each request must be accompanied by a graphic, visual support, etc., designed to enhance and show the potential of the request itself.

Furthermore, it is necessary to specify both the collection objective and the duration for which it is intended to proceed with it: in fact, even reaching the allocation figure, which starts the project, the collection that continues until the expiry date is not blocked (which is why can reach a budget of 200 or 300% more than the minimum amount requested ).

If the target figure is not reached then the sums paid are returned to the lenders. If the project is approved, the minimum quotas to be signed and paid are also specified with the publication, which are differentiated so as to allow everyone to choose the type of privilege that one intends to obtain by becoming a lender. For proponents a project and for those who want to finance it, registration is required. Astro retains, only if the target sum is reached, 5% of the total collected, paying the net sum to the project proposer.

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