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Anyone who wants home finance faces the following questions first:
How much credit can I afford for a house or condominium?

What is the maximum loan amount that I can get from the credit bank?

Where can I get a low interest loan? Which bank grants me a real estate loan with a special repayment right?

What is the loan rate for a property?

What is the loan rate for a property?

Before you calculate your home financing, you should get an overview of your income and expenses. Compare your income and expenses realistically. If you already have a household book, use this as a help.

What is your monthly income (net income, partner net income, part-time job, child benefit…)? Calculate the monthly average of your expenses (food / drink, insurance, ancillary rental costs, telephone, mobile phone, internet, current loan commitments, clothing, hobbies, car…)

After deduction of all fixed costs and the loss of rental costs, you will receive an amount. This monthly amount should not exceed your monthly loan installment.

How much credit (current account, call money account, building society contract credit, securities…) is available to you? You can largely use this credit as equity for your house financing or property purchase. However, do not use all of the equity for real estate financing. Because, for example, if a major repair to the car is necessary, you could quickly find yourself in financial need.

What is redemption?

What is redemption?

With real estate financing you enter into several years of contractually agreed financial obligations. Your monthly loan installment consists of an interest and a redemption component.
The repayment part means the repayment of the real estate loan, the money or capital debt without interest. The repayment contribution at the banks is usually between 1 and 5 percent.
The higher the repayment component in your monthly loan installment, the faster the interest component will decrease over the years. In addition, the term of the real estate financing is shortened with a higher repayment component.

What are special repayments in mortgage lending?

What are special repayments in mortgage lending?

With a special repayment, you repay a certain amount of your mortgage in addition to your loan installments. Special repayments lead to a shortening of the total term of the building financing.

Even if you cannot or do not want to use the special repayment, there are no financial disadvantages for you. You should definitely study the exact conditions for the special repayments before taking out the real estate loan. Some banks require an interest premium for special repayments.

Determine your budget from the monthly average of your income and expenses. Calculate your equity. Use the online real estate calculator to find suitable offers.
Pay attention to the conditions and service of the credit institutions.

You can make a free and non-binding loan request here:

You can make a free and non-<a href=binding loan request here:” />

The loan, mortgage budget calculator for your real estate financing. Apply for a loan for your own home, house construction, house renovation or condominium with low interest rates for your home finance online. To get an overview of current conditions, you should compare the real estate loans.

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