Loans in a few hours – Here are the real alternatives

Loans in a few hours: utopia or reality?

Loans in a few hours: utopia or reality?

Loans in a few hours in many cases may seem to be the only solution to financial contingencies. But is this a truly viable and above all convenient way? The answer depends on the type of financing given that the conditions of a very fast loan ( even in 1 hour ) are not always economically advantageous, especially for the costs and the linked rates. Let’s see together the various solutions and the relative advantages and disadvantages.

What types of financing?

What types of financing?

The loans that can be obtained in a few hours are those traditionally aimed at buying an asset. The need for the retailer to provide a response in a short time has in fact led to the use of streamlined and rapid approval procedures. Unlike the case of personal loans for which the bank or finance (even online) normally takes a few days, especially if large sums are requested.

Only for modest sums, which are generally set at a maximum threshold of 5 thousand USD, then the timing is reduced, and in some cases there is also the possibility of reaching the outcome even on the same day (positive or negative because with the request for a financing there is no guarantee to see the agreed sum).
So in summary we have two possibilities with the more traditional forms of financing:

  • loan finalized with quick answers, within a few hours;
  • personal loan with modest sums and acceptable installment and duration, with replies also on the same day or in 48 hours.

Then there are forms of financing that are less typical, but that can lead to the solution in a very short time, even in 1 hour. Let’s see them together


The loan on pledge makes it possible to obtain a sum of money almost immediately: the time to get the asset checked, to read and sign the contract and the sum granted is immediately delivered, often in cash. On the other hand, this loan also has some limitations, namely:

  • the need to have a valuable asset that the pawnshop or agency offering this service considers valuable;
  • an appraisal of the value of the asset insufficient to cover the sum needed;
  • the duration of the loan very short, ranging from 3 months to 6 months (only in some cases up to the year);
  • high interest or custody costs;
  • amount of the asset recognized as a loan significantly lower than that of the asset itself.

NB Generally contracts (defined as policies) can be renewed even if the interest and expenses accrued up until that time for the custody must be paid.

Loan changed

Loan changed

Loans are a form that allows a loan to be regularized between private individuals or with a credit institution with few formalities, all of which can be traced back to the definition of the conditions and the calculation of bills of exchange to be repaid periodically. Therefore, when the bills were completed and the contract was signed, technically the sum that was requested and financed became almost immediately available (some financial companies, however, can also be taken a few days before approving a request). The limits of this type of loan are:

  • the rates applied which in any case must not exceed the usurious ones;
  • the compilation of bills of exchange, which provide for various choices;
  • the financiers to whom one turns.

Pre-agreed lines of credit

Beyond the credit or bank overdraft, there are now various formulas that allow a bank or a financial company to grant a credit line, making the valuation with times that are not too short, but prior to any situation of urgency or possible use (between examples include the smart voucher and the OneCashe Creditexpress Easy).

Once agreed, the sum is credited and used only when you really need it, paying the interest that accrues from that moment and depending on the repayment duration chosen and the actual sum. These, from a personal loan point of view, are the only forms of really instant financing.

The same applies to credit lines with a revolving function, which can be made available with the delivery of a credit card, or as simple lines of credit that can be activated, with the request to transfer a sum that you need on your own account (eg solution offered by Bankate and Cleopar ). Also in this case the interest and the repayment of the installments will start from the moment and in function of the use (duration of the amortization plan and of the sum that has been chosen to use).


Let’s now propose, by way of example, a typical product of the 3 categories just indicated in the pre-agreed lines of credit:
Creditexpress Easy

As just mentioned, this loan represents an example of a pre-assessed loan. It allows you to get an amount between one thousand and five thousand USD to be repaid over a period between 1 and 3 years. The rate is fixed and is equal to 6.90%. Among the requirements we find the seniority of a OneCashe account holder of over 6 months and the active internet banking service. The request will be made via mobile banking app and the amount will be immediately credited to the same current account.

Mini Credit

This is the rechargeable credit of Cleopar. As indicated by the same official website of the bank we talk about a reserve of money to be used at the time of need by crediting an account. The amount that can be requested is maximum 1500 USD to be repaid in installments of 50 or one hundred USD depending on the amount transferred. Like a revolving card, the installments will contribute to re-establishing the reserve which can then be reused as needed.

Credit card

Let’s now pass to one of the many revolving cards available on the market, namely the Credit Card proposed by Bankate. The peculiarity of this card lies in the possibility of accessing a rate of 0 in the case of purchases over 500 USD. In this case the amounts will be returned in equal installments in a fixed amortization plan of 10 months. The standard ceiling is 1500 USD as in the previous solution.

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